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Join Twinkl this summer in celebrating and appreciating educators

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Summer is here, and Twinkl is ready to spread some much-needed joy and appreciation among educators with their, “Thank You, Educators.” campaign.

It’s an opportunity for all of us to come together and show our gratitude to those incredible individuals dedicated to shaping the minds of our future.

Twinkl understands the challenges that educators face every day. That’s why they have launched this initiative to honour and celebrate their tireless efforts. Nominations have been pouring in since the campaign began just five days ago, with over 400 heartfelt submissions already sent in from educators across the country. And the best part? The numbers are only expected to grow as more educators join in on this movement.

The campaign works by allowing anyone to nominate an individual who works in an educational role and has made a significant impact, such as teacher, TAs, tutors and childminders. These nominations are shared anonymously on Twinkl’s social media pages throughout June. From these nominations, a select group will be chosen to receive a special “Thank You” bundle, filled with goodies. Each bundle includes a Twinkl mug, a tote bag, a pin badge, and a beautiful print—a tangible token of appreciation for their dedication.

Leon Smith, Chief Customer Officer at Twinkl, expressed her excitement for this campaign, “At Twinkl, we understand the challenges educators are facing, and we appreciate and want to recognise their tireless efforts as they support the learning and development of learners across the country. As an organisation, founded with the mission to help those who teach, we believe educators should be celebrated for their efforts, and we are thrilled to be able to use our platform to connect members of our community and give educators a well-deserved and much-needed boost this summer.” 

But the campaign doesn’t stop there. Twinkl has dedicated a space for appreciation throughout the summer, from Thank a Teacher Day to World Tutors Day and everything in between. It’s a chance for us all to come together and express our gratitude for the incredible work educators do day in and day out.

Mark your calendars! The first round of nominations are being held in the build up to National Thank a Teacher Day on 21st June. Following that, weekly giveaways will be held on the hub, focusing on specific segments of the educator market, such as Childminder Appreciation Week.

To participate in this campaign, visit Twinkl’s dedicated “Thank You, Educators” hub. There, you can submit your nominations and share specific examples of how the educator has gone above and beyond. Whether they’ve inspired their students, fostered a positive learning environment, or made a significant impact in their community, this is our chance to highlight their outstanding contributions. Stay tuned for all the details and updates on Twinkl’s blog.

Let’s join forces and show our gratitude to the educators who shape our future. Together, we can make this summer a season of appreciation, recognition, and heartfelt thanks for the incredible individuals who make a difference in our lives every day.

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