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You’ve most likely heard about the metaverse by now. If you haven’t, the metaverse is the new way of humans interacting with technology through VR,AR, holograms, motion tracking tools, etc. The metaverse is worth billions of dollars already, and is only going to continue growing. In 2020 alone the metaverse was estimated at $47.69 billion market value with a 3% CAGR. Games and apps are being designed and released every day which is only adding to the metaverse and it is expected to continue expanding at jaw dropping rates. 

The metaverse already includes many different platforms such as Ready Player me which allows players to build custom avatars from pictures or from scratch and use them across hundreds of different apps and games.  Horizon Worlds is another platform that is a virtual reality metaverse open to all people over the age of 18 in the U.S. and Canada. Players can spend time with up to 20 people at a time and can create a world and items entirely from scratch. If players can create avatars and even entire worlds from scratch, can they create pets too?

Players of Metaverse Pet can in fact create their own virtual pet! This platform allows for users to experience pet ownership without the responsibility and stress of actually owning a real pet. Users can design their own pets from scratch, participate in dog shows in the metaverse, and even potentially generate revenue from their  digital pets through NFT’s. If users already have their own pets in real life, they can use applications like MetaPet which provides an avatar representation of a real pet. This is created by holographic images and other 3D imaging technologies. If pets are chipped, they can even be monitored remotely through avatars. 

Overall, metaverse platforms for pets offer a range of activities that may not be an option in reality for many pet owners or people who want pets. Many people want to own a cat or dog but can’t because of allergies or space limitations, and virtual pets provide the companionship they desire without the responsibility of a physical animal in their space. Humans are discovering a new world of possibilities in the Metaverse, it’s time for our furry friends to be included too.

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