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Leeds Trinity University set to host global Covid-19 research summit

The online conference, which focuses on family experiences during the pandemic and the lessons learned, will take place on 16 March to mark the second anniversary of the first pandemic lockdown.  

The international conference will explore the latest pandemic research from a global perspective and highlight the lessons learned to inform policy debates relating to children and families living through the pandemic and beyond. 

The event will be opened by Leeds Trinity’s Vice-Chancellor Professor Charles Egbu and is organised by Professor Carmen Clayton, who in March 2020 led the ‘British Families in Lockdown’ (BFiL) study. This is an ongoing project investigating the day-to-day experiences of British families during the pandemic undertaken by colleagues from Leeds Trinity University and the University of Leeds.

This study has since led to eight publications to parliamentary committees and contributed to three parliamentary briefings.  Most recently the Public Accounts Committee Inquiry into Government Preparedness for the Covid-19 Pandemic has published evidence from the study.

The conference will take place on Wednesday 16 March between 1.00 – 4.30pm, with keynote speaker Dr Polly Waite, from the University of Oxford.  Dr Waite is the Principal Investigator of the Co-Space study set up to investigate how families have coped and what parents can do to support their children’s mental health during the pandemic.

Pandemic research findings will be presented from different countries including Canada, China, India, Israel, and Ukraine.  Universities represented include the University of Glasgow, University of Leeds, Magadh University in India, University of Nottingham, University of Ottawa and the University of Toronto as well as the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation.  

Leeds Trinity University Vice-Chancellor, Professor Charles Egbu, said:

“We are extremely proud to be hosting a global research summit where we can share research findings and collaborate internationally on such a crucial subject.

“At Leeds Trinity University, Professor Carmen Clayton and Senior Lecturer Marie Potter have been actively undertaking qualitative research on the impact of Covid-19 on families since the first lockdown. We hope that by sharing our findings internationally and with UK government committees, we can ultimately have a positive impact on the lives of young people and their families.”    

Whilst aimed at academics, professionals, policymakers and other stakeholders across the UK and internationally, members of the public are welcome to express their interest to attend.

Carmen Clayton joined Leeds Trinity University in 2010 and is a Professor of Family and Cultural Dynamics. She works within the Institute of Childhood and Education.

Professor Carmen Clayton said: “Through the British Families in Lockdown study, we have seen the multiple and complex ways that families have been affected in their daily lives since the outbreak in 2020.

“Although some families appeared to have thrived during these times, other families have struggled and continue to do so.  Our research aims to shine a light on the everyday experiences of parents and children, and we are pleased to be able to contribute to various debates on this issue, including those found within the UK Parliament and through the organisation of the upcoming Global COVID-19 Summit.” 

Find out more about Leeds Trinity’s British Families in Lockdown study.  

Find out more about the research summit.

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