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Sepura visits CRC to inspire next generation of engineers

British telecommunications equipment provider, Sepura, recently visited Cambridge Regional College to help inspire the next generation of electrical engineers. Sepura STEM ambassadors regularly visit local schools and colleges as part of their volunteering scheme, in the hope of fostering and inspiring young engineers into their future role.

Andrea Morreale, Team Leader & STEM Ambassador at Sepura spoke with over 40 students studying a mix of mechanical design and computer science. He spoke in depth about his work at Sepura, designing and building fit-for-purpose solutions for fire, ambulance, police and other emergency services around the world. One of the key elements that surprised students was the testing and continued R&D that go in to every radio they produce. With their radios being put into the most extreme of conditions, it is key that they function as intended, even under the immense heat, cold, wind or rain they may face.

The session ended with a practical demonstration of Sepuras radios, explaining how user feedback heavily influenced the final product and how an engineers role going beyond just the design process.

Andrea’s presentation was brilliant – really engaging, with an excellent demonstration of the product development lifecycle, taking a design from concept to production. The students really benefitted from the opportunity to see some of the theoretical concepts they have learnt in class put into practice in the real world. The students and I are very grateful to Sepura for giving us Andrea’s time – the students will most definitely benefit from the time he spent with us.” – Habib Rahman, Engineering Lecturer at Cambridge Regional College

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