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Shropshire teacher named in top two for national award

Shropshire teacher named in top two for national award

A Shropshire teacher named in the top two for a national award has launched a new Innovation and Digitech department at a county school.

Jérôme Nogues joined the Old Hall School earlier this year after being brought in to lead ambitious new plans to teach children vital 21st-century skills needed to navigate the modern world.

Mr Nogues completed his teacher training in the UK. He has worked at a number of schools in England developing an interest and specialist knowledge in IT.

He is one of a new team of specialist teachers at Old Hall aimed at encouraging excellence across multiple disciplines.

Runner-up for the Global Edtech Award for the most impactful teacher in the early years and primary sector Mr. Nogues is launching a number of new initiatives at the school.

They will include design, presentation, and coding skills using a variety of mediums, platforms, and devices.

He is also spearheading internet safety classes and strategic learning aimed at encouraging children to combine technology with traditional soft skills including the spoken word, eye contact, and confidence with conversation.

One of the highlights of the scheme is a Dragon’s Den-style presentation given by year six pupils in their final term which will celebrate the results of a long-term design project.

“I have always wanted to help children to learn how to use technology positively – it is very exciting and will always be a vital part of their world,” added Mr. Nogues.

“The technology we have now can boost their learning skills so much but it is also about harnessing that excitement and willingness to embrace new things in a constructive way. We also have to teach them how to be safe online and how to combine their use of technology with being present in the real world too.”

Mr. Nogues highly values the contribution technology can make to education. But he is also a firm believer children should continue to hone their skills in public speaking and engaging with other people.

With this in mind, he launched a poetry recital competition online in France which during lockdown expanded to over 250 schools from across the world with children taking part in seven different languages. The Poésíæ has now been joined by an art competition that will also see schools vie for top awards in 2023.

Head at Old Hall Mrs. Anna Karacan officially introduced a new team of subject specialists at a dedicated evening for parents with an emphasis on class teachers for core subjects and heads of departments for Science, Art, Music, Swimming, PE, and Games and Modern Foreign Languages.

All children will now learn Spanish from reception and the school will have greater links with neighbouring Wrekin College and its award-winning Concert and Jazz Bands. Games and coaching towards competitive squads will also be introduced in the lower school in September with plans to ensure all boys and girls are given the opportunity to play all sports.

“It’s a very exciting time for Old Hall with a new team in place recruited to promote excellence across all disciplines,” said Mrs. Karacan.

“I am delighted we were able to host an evening for parents where they were given more information on developments for next year and were then able to catch up with not only our experienced and existing members of staff but our new additions for September.”

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