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Thank you, Stuart Hogg and good luck Corey Tait

Thank you, Stuart Hogg and good luck Corey Tait

It’s a day we anticipated but never expected to arrive so soon—the sudden retirement of Stuart Hogg from professional rugby. Stuart holds the distinction of being the first rugby student on the BASE Rugby course to successfully transition into a professional rugby career, a feat that fills us with immense pride.

Over the years, Stuart has evolved into a cherished ambassador for Scottish rugby, serving as an inspirational role model for countless aspiring athletes. While he is not the only student from Borders College to don the Scotland jersey and represent his nation, he undoubtedly possesses the most prominent public presence to date.

Corey Tait, a former student of Sports Coaching and Development HNC, stands among a group of students chosen to proudly represent Scotland. Currently, Corey is en route to Nairobi, where he will demonstrate his exceptional skills as a member of the Scotland Under 20s team competing in the World Trophy Rugby tournament.

As we bid farewell to Stuart Hogg and his remarkable career, we extend our heartfelt best wishes to him in his retirement. Additionally, we express our unwavering support to Corey Tait as he continues to advance his professional rugby journey, wishing him great success in all his endeavours.

Photo: Scottish Rugby / PA Images. Stuart Hogg in action.

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