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The Sheffield College student is a finalist in LGBTQ+ awards

A Sheffield College student is a finalist in the Queer Student Awards 2023.

A Sheffield College student has been shortlisted for a UK-wide award.

Leo Wilcox is a finalist in the Queer Student Awards 2023 and has been shortlisted in the Role Model of the Year: LGBTQ+ category.

The Queer Student Awards recognise talented young LGBTQ+ people across the UK.

The awards also acknowledge the work that schools, colleges, universities and employers are doing to create inclusive spaces that support young LGBTQ+ people.

Leo, who is the LGBTQ+ Officer for The Sheffield College Students’ Union, has led on a range of initiatives.

After organising meetings involving teams across the college as well as gathering feedback from student forums, Leo’s work has resulted in the college:

  • delivering more lessons/tutorials on LGBTQ+ topics
  • introducing a clearer reporting system for homophobia
  • creating gender neutral spaces on its campuses

Leo, who is completing a Hair and Media Make-up Level 2 course, also chairs the college’s LGBTQ+ Society and runs drop-in sessions for students and regular information stalls.

Prior to joining the college, Leo was an active member of the SAYiT charity which provides practical support to LGBTQ+ young people and advice that helps organisations improve knowledge and address discrimination.

Leo said: “I have a saying that whatever good you do in your life will always come back to you. This is that thing that has come back to me.

“I am so very grateful to have been nominated. It is not about winning, it’s about being considered and that is what’s important!”

Sarah Kettlewell, Head of Student Participation and Careers, The Sheffield College, said: “Leo works tirelessly to represent the college’s LGBTQ+ community. This award recognition is very well deserved.

“Leo’s work is ensuring that the college continues to be a place where LGBTQ+ people can feel safe, supported and able to thrive in their studies.

“Leo is also a great example of someone who embodies the college’s values of fairness, respect, equality, diversity, inclusion and engagement.”

The award winners will be announced on 14th June 2023. Follow #QSA2023

Pictured: The Sheffield College’s Leo Wilcox is a finalist in the Queer Student Awards 2023.

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