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Twickenham MP calls for more apprenticeship exposure

Twickenham MP, Munira Wilson, recently paid a visit to local training providers, Hawk Training, where she congratulated their apprentices for passing their apprenticeship programme during the pandemic.

Since the start of the pandemic over 1300 learners have successfully achieved their apprenticeship programme through Hawk Training across a range of programmes including Ealy Years, Business Administration, Customer Service and Management.

Hawk’s apprenticeship graduation event took place at their head offices in Regal House, where Munira Wilson, the Liberal Democrat Spokesperson for Education, addressed the graduates with some words of encouragement for future employment opportunities:

“I know from talking to businesses, parents, students and many policy makers in the education space, that more and more vocational training and on-the-job training is increasing in importance and slowly, in profile.”

“Studies are starting to show that employers are finding that students who are going through the traditional academic route are not coming out with skills that they need and lots of employers are having to do additional training on-the-job.”

New polling, courtesy of YouGov and The Times, supports Mrs Wilson’s claim, with 45% of the British public saying that apprenticeships are better than university degrees for preparing young people for the future, while 44% say both are equally good.

“That’s where I think apprenticeships have got a real opportunity and we need to work together collectively to really boost the profile and prestige of apprenticeships, added Mrs Wilson. “For too long we’ve had a culture in this country where degrees are seen as the only route through.” 

Hawk Training is an Ofsted ‘Outstanding’ training provider with over 32 years’ experience in work-based learning within a variety of different sectors. Hawk Training support over 2000 learners and 400 different employers in the private and public sector year on year. 

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