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Wirral Met reconfirms commitment to Trade Union Education

Wirral Met reconfirms commitment to Trade Union Education

At the TUC conference hosted by Wirral Met College yesterday [Thursday 18 May], the College reconfirmed its commitment to what has been a 30-year partnership with TUC, by providing Trade Union Education across Merseyside.

The College invited Maria Exall, TUC President and Mick Whitley MP for Birkenhead to unveil a plaque that celebrates this long partnership and reaffirmed a commitment to continue to support this important aspect of education and training in the future.

The plaque will be displayed in the top floor of the College’s Hamilton Campus, where TU Education is based.

Wirral Met College’s history with Trade Union Education dates back to supporting staff at Littlewoods Pools, when it closed in the 1990s.  The success of this partnership working promoted the College to take over Trade Union Education Merseyside and the collaboration has gone from strength to strength.

Following the plaque unveiling Trade union members and guests were treated to a panel discussion on the future of workplace learning and skills with Lord David Blunkett, Alison McGovern MP, Julia Jones, TUC Policy Officer Learning and Skills, Kevin Rowan, TUC Head of Organisation and Services and Councillor Praful Nargund.

Sue Higginson OBE, Principal and CEO of Wirral Met College said:

“It’s been c30 years now that TU Ed has been part of Wirral Met and I wanted to take the opportunity to restate our commitment to trade union education and recognise the difference this makes to so many lives.”

Mick Whitley MP said:

“The value of workplace learning is evident in the substantial number of students who have secured new skills, promotion in their jobs and the qualifications to advance their careers through the various trade union education programmes.

“This plaque is a celebration of Wirral Met’s long association with the trade union movement and of Sue’s own commitment to supporting Trade Union learning. It is a tribute to the co-operation between the trade union movement and the college and their joint commitment to carrying on this excellent work.”

Jay McKenna, TUC North West Regional Secretary said:

“Trade unions make a difference in workplaces right across Merseyside and the rest of the country. We’re able to do that, making a difference, because our trade union reps are well trained.

“Whether it’s keeping people safe at work, helping them when they have a problem, improving equality and diversity, the training our union reps get from Wirral Met is excellent. That they’ve been doing this with us for thirty years deserves recognition and we look forward to working with them to train more reps and help change the world of work.”

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