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3aaa Apprentice Wins Higher Apprentice of The Year at Leicestershire Apprenticeship Hub Graduation Ceremony 2017

The annual Leicestershire Apprenticeship Hub Graduation Ceremony is designed to celebrate the importance of Apprenticeship training in Leicestershire, publicise the benefits of Apprenticeships as well as ultimately celebrating the success of Apprentices across the region.
Ateeqa Omar started her Apprenticeship journey in September 2014, through a Level 3 Technology Apprenticeship at 3aaa Apprenticeships’ Leicester training academy. After completing this Level of Apprenticeship, she made the decision that she wanted to advance her technological knowledge through 3aaa Apprenticeships’ Level 4 Technology programme and excelled beyond expectations.
3aaa Apprenticeships’ Leicester training academy team were so impressed with Ateeqa’s accomplishments and dedication to building her career, they felt it necessary to recognise this by nominating her to receive an award at the 2017 Leicestershire Apprenticeship Hub Graduation Ceremony, which she went on to win in her nominated category for Higher Apprentice of the Year.
Ruth Sutton, Ateeqa’s trainer during both levels of her Apprenticeship commented on her winning this prestigious award;
“Ateeqa was on the first run of 3aaa Apprenticeships’ Leicester academy’s technology programme. I was her assessor from 6 months into her level 3, she showed little confidence at this time in what she was doing. Over the duration of her Level 3 Apprenticeship, she built her confidence and skill set significantly and progressed onto the Level 4 Apprenticeship to further build on her knowledge. She showed great intelligence and was always forefront of the class to take part in activities. Her employer showed great interest in her progressing within the NHS. She worked well independently as well as individually and was soon taking the lead on certain projects. This led her to progress within the NHS trust jumping from a band 2 up to a band 6 once she had completed her Level 4 Technology Apprenticeship. I am very proud of all the Apprentices I work with and what they achieve, Ateeqa has built a career due to her determination and the assistance of 3aaa Apprenticeships in building her skills.”
Ateeqa winning Higher Apprentice of the Year at this years’ Leicester Apprenticeship Hub Graduation Ceremony is further verification of the industry-leading work 3aaa Apprenticeships do to develop highly-skilled, ambitious employees, who will go on to help grow the businesses they work for.
We asked Ateeqa for her comments on this life changing achievement;
“When I first heard about Apprenticeships I instantly thought that it would be something I would consider doing over going to University. The journey as a 3aaa Apprentice has been a life changing experience, from where I began to where I am currently is unbelievable. I honestly never thought I would reach this far. I have seen my friends go to Uni but are currently unemployed, so I’m grateful that I chose to do an Apprenticeship instead. The cherry on top was winning Higher Apprentice of the Year at the Leicestershire Apprenticeship Hub Graduation Ceremony, the award means a lot to me and shows that my hard work and dedication has paid off. My journey has been successful with the help of 3aaa Apprenticeships, the staff have been really supportive and have guided me throughout my Apprenticeship journey.”
This years’ ceremony highlighted a range of talent across Leicestershire, with Apprenticeships now being an integral training method for businesses of all sizes. The continued growth of the Leicestershire Apprenticeship provision is evidence of the commitment from local employers to developing their staff from within the region and ultimately strengthening the economy.

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