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5 Benefits of Continued Professional Development

An advanced degree can do wonders for your career. Although you might at first think that the time, effort and cost that goes into obtaining one won’t be worth it, there are a number of benefits to holding a Master’s that you probably aren’t even thinking about. Here are five benefits of continued education that show how worthwhile pursuing an advanced degree can be.

Makes You a More Competitive Job Candidate

Before focusing on the benefits of pursuing the degree while in the program, it’s easy to start at the end of the Master’s once you are complete with your studies. It’s no secret that professionals who hold advanced degrees are more competitive job candidates than those only with undergraduate degrees. Sometimes, your dream job will require a bit more practical training than that afforded to you in your undergraduate studies. An advanced degree will come in handy by providing you this training and being a necessary aspect of your resume that hiring managers will look for when deciding on your application.

Helps You Wait Out a Bad Job Market

With the current state of the economy, there is likely to be a very small and competitive job market in the coming years. What pursuing an advanced degree does is gives you a worthwhile endeavor to commit to that lets you be outside of the workforce in a bad economy. Studies show that professionals who begin work during a recession feel the effects of that recession on their salary progression throughout their career. Biding your time by pursuing an advanced degree will not only possibly help you wait out the worst of a bad job market, but will also make you a qualified candidate and enter the workforce at a higher starting salary when you do complete your program.

Provides a Higher Salary

As previously mentioned, holders of advanced degrees such as an online masters in industrial engineering earn on average more than those with only undergraduate degrees. In addition to making you a more competitive job candidate, an advanced degree will also provide you a greater variety of high paying jobs that you can apply for and be competitive for after your program ends. When pursuing an advanced degree, weigh the cost of the degree against the potential salary you can earn after gaining all of the experience and building the network it provides. Chances are, the advanced degree will pay off long term.

Expands Your Learning

Of course, obtaining an advanced degree isn’t only about what comes after you complete your program. When you pursue an advanced degree in a subject you are qualified and interested in, you expand your learning and enjoy the resources that come with partaking in a program that allows you to conduct research and work with some of the brightest minds in the field. An advanced degree is a great way to pick up on any undergraduate research you think you could expand into a graduate thesis or perfect any practical training you wish you had received previously.

Opens New Opportunities

Finally, pursuing an advanced degree may provide you with opportunities you never knew you could have. A Master’s program will feature classmates and professors from all walks of life and all areas of expertise. Being able to have these colleagues in your network will open new doors and give you opportunities to learn more about various industries related to your field. Go into your advanced degree with an open mind, and you might be surprised how much opportunity you might find for yourself.

Continued education will make you a more competitive job candidate, help you wait out a bad job market, provide a higher salary, expand your learning and open new opportunities. An advanced degree will cost money and time. However, if it is in a subject area you truly have a passion for and see yourself working in after you complete your program, it will be well worth it.

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