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A Foundation Degree in Computing helps Abigail keep her Options Open


Abigail King (19) from Bangor found the Foundation Degree in Computing to be the next best step following A Levels at Glenola Collegiate. She said, “I wanted to progress but wasn’t sure if I was ready for university, so after my A Levels, the Foundation Degree in Computing seemed like the perfect route that would keep my options open.

She added, “I am enjoying the course, particularly the practical aspects. Through the FixIT student enterprise, I am gaining valuable experience on setting up computers for fellow students to use during lockdown. It reinforces all the theory we are learning in class and helps you see how classroom theory translates to working in IT.

“For some people, university is the be all and end all, but it is best to progress to what suits you best and SERC suited me; the classes are smaller, your lecturers get to know you, and with the Foundation Degree in Computing I am picking up qualifications, skills and experience that will prepare me for university or employment.

“The lecturers were great when it came to completing my UCAS application; keeping you right with deadlines, writing references and advising how to apply into the second year of degree programmes following the Foundation Degree. At the minute I have offers to study IT at Queen’s University Belfast in September 2021. But again, I am keeping all my options open in case a full-time job in IT arises over the summer.

“At SERC, everybody is treated equally, and everybody is given the same opportunities. When it comes to females in the IT industry, there are now more opportunities for women to work in IT and women are taking them. I would say computing is one of the more progressive industries.”

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