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AELP advice on providing training to furloughed apprentices

Mark Dawe, AELP
@AELPUK advice on providing training to furloughed apprentices

We have received a significant number of requests for advice on whether training can continue for apprentices who have been furloughed – i.e. where government contributes 80% of the apprentice’s wages and apprentices must not undertake any work during that time.

In terms of providing ongoing support for furlonged apprentices this is what the DfE guidance released on Monday said:

“Where apprentices are furloughed (granted a leave of absence) or placed on unpaid leave, or where the nature of their employment changes and no longer supports their apprenticeship, the apprentice, employer and training provider should consider whether a break in learning would be appropriate.”

Just to be clear the guidance does not say providers cannot offer training to furloughed apprentices. The AELP advice continues to be that providers should support furloughed workers and only resort to using a Break in Learning (BIL) if the apprentices doesn’t want to undertake any training whilst they are temporarily stood down from work. Hopefully most furloughed workers will be keen to carry on and make use of this unproductive period. This is the advice we are giving and most providers we are aware of are taking until advised otherwise.

Mark Dawe Chief Executive AELP 


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