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Africa Trip is beyond students wildest dreams: Animal Management students from Kirklees College take a walk on the wild side

Animal Management students from Kirklees College took a walk on the wild side as they were given the opportunity of a lifetime when they visited the African plains to learn about the nations rich heritage and culture and undertake conservation activities.

The 12-day trip saw students visiting tribal communities in Zululand, an area of natural beauty that boasts parks that are amongst the best in Africa. Students stayed in the specially designed Student Camp at the Somkhanda Game Reserve and during their stay undertook geological, vegetation and animal surveys.

The students then had the opportunity to track and identify animals from spoors left behind and review different bird species, before moving on to the iconic Kruger National Park, to explore its vast landscapes and observe the spectacular African wildlife.

Animals including giraffes, elephants, leopards and zebras, were among the many species the students were privileged enough to see and some even got the chance to get up close and personal with them.

“This fantastic trip enabled the students to put into practice some of the skills they have learnt on their course and see for themselves how animals adapt in the wild and how the different environmental factors can affect them. It was a unique opportunity which I hope has created some lasting memories,” said Ann Williams, Land-based Studies lecturer.

Students described the trip as fantastic, life changing and amazing and are already looking for their next wild adventure.

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