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Ambitious strategy aims to create the best ‘new normal’ for college learners and staff

Paul Cox, Chief Executive and Principal, Eastleigh College

The Eastleigh College Board and Senior Management Team have launched an ambitious strategy for the period 2020-24 @Eastleigh_Col that sets out the College’s priorities to see more learners, be more successful, more often in a new strategy document.

The strategy is a central part of the College’s wider vision to become the first choice technical and professional college for learners, employers and staff across the Solent and South Hampshire by 2024. To make the next four years as successful as possible it lists what the college stands for, what its values are and areas of specialism where the College can demonstrate excellence.

The strategy explains the ‘new normal’ for the College as it builds on the unprecedented levels of change and disruption to college life over recent months and transitions into a new way of doing business. It reflects deep gratitude for the enormous efforts made by college staff whose hard work in this crisis enabled learning to continue. It also takes into account that the College works with well over 1,000 different employers, many of whom depend on Eastleigh College for their ongoing training, certification and licensing needs.

This is why, in addition to growth, excellence and sustainability, the strategy also sets out a strong commitment to collaborate with organisations both within and beyond the further education sector.

In response to the pandemic and aligned to its strategy the College identified a number of commitments as to how it can contribute to, lead and proactively collaborate to serve communities and employers during the immediate Covid-19 recovery. The Eastleigh College 2020/21 Covid-19 ‘Bounce Back’ pledge was published in July 2020 and continues to receive strong support from stakeholders.

Paul Cox, Chief Executive and Principal, Eastleigh College, said:

“We do not underestimate the challenges immediately ahead for the people and organisations in our local communities but believe that by working collaboratively our region can recover and again thrive in the future.

“Our new strategy will guide us as we continue to provide opportunity and excellence in technical and professional education, training and apprenticeships.

“We are committed to increasing the number of South Hampshire and Solent residents who are qualified at level 4 and above. To achieve this, we will continue to offer innovative programmes for the region’s young adults. We will do this by developing business relationships with employers in the region and our existing strategic partners including the University of Portsmouth and University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust.

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