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Apps to enhance your student experience

All the apps you need to download to enhance your student experience (@mobilescouk)

When you become a student, there is more to your learning than just university lectures. On top of your degree, you begin to become more responsible for yourself, your finances and your overall wellbeing.

If you’re making the move to a new city for university life, the experts at online smartphone retailer,, have shared their top apps to enhance your student experience.


When the student finance loan hits the bank it can be tempting to spend all your money on clothes and eating out, but there are usually student discounts available to ease the spending stress.  The UNIdays app offers students hundreds of discounts for popular retailers such as ASOS, Nike, Apple and Pizza Express, with some participating brands offering more than 50% off. Sign up using your student email address and you’re good to go, saving money every time you spend.


Sharing accommodation with friends also means sharing financial responsibilities such as bills. The Splitwise app allows you to share and track expenses between housemates, friends and family so you can take control of spending. Create groups, add expenses and easily settle payments with friends to simplify shared living.


Being a student does of course involve studying and on most courses, a lot of the work will involve writing essays. To make student life a bit easier, Grammarly does all the spelling and grammar checking for you. Both an app and browser extension, it allows you to insert your text into it and makes suggestions to change any spelling and grammar mistakes, a lifesaver for tight deadlines.


For students who struggle with productivity and are easily distracted by their phone notifications, the Forest app is a fun tool to increase focus. You simply open the app and plant a virtual tree, which continues growing while you’re off your phone, but if you open it before the tree has finished growing it dies. Keep growing trees until you have a wonderful forest and have hopefully finished your assignments.

Too Good To Go

Learning to incorporate a weekly shop and meals out into a student budget can be tricky. With Too Good To Go you can order food from all your favourite restaurants at a fraction of the price, making takeaway eating an affordable expense. Food that would normally get thrown at the bin is sold at around £2- £4 to help reduce food waste and provide cheap food alternatives.


The game-based learning platform, Kahoot, allows you to create your own quiz games with friends, to make studying fun. Not only will this app allow you to learn on the go and make it an enjoyable experience, but it can also help you make friends with the new people you will meet on your course and bring you closer together.


Dating and making new friends is already hard enough, and now you’ve moved to a completely new city. Bumble is not only a dating app, but it also has the ‘Bumble BFF’ feature which is essentially uses the same technology but for making friends instead of finding a date. So, if you’re wanting to meet likeminded people, be that romantically or platonically, Bumble might just be your new best friend.

Andrew Cartledge, mobile expert at commented:

“Being a student can be one of the most exciting times of a person’s life, however it comes with a lot of learning curves.

“Now, students have access to endless apps that can assist through both their education and personal challenges. Financial management, productivity and building friendships are just some of the lessons young people face today, and now technology has solutions to almost all of them.”

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