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Biomedical Engineering’s Big Expansion – Helping the next generation of biomed brains to train and conduct research

As far as cutting-edge disciplines go, there can’t be many more important and unique than biomedical engineering. The interface between medicine and engineering is seeing a boom in interest, with world-leading research institutions in Cambridge, UK, pouring money into a new biomed campus that will help the next generation of biomed brains to train and conduct research. An industry involved in a huge surge of growth, there has scarcely been a better time to get involved – partly due to the quality of training, but also because of the research being conducted in the industry and the onward career prospects it offers.

High quality education

The type of institution offering the highest levels of training in biomed, such as masters and doctoral level qualifications, are some of the leading institutions anywhere in the world. This is because of the type of challenge facing everyday people in the modern world, and the opportunities that they now have. Technology has never been more advanced, and it is providing new ways for people living with disability and incurable illnesses to enjoy a greater level of independence than they had before. With USA Today noting that highly respected institutions are offering in-depth courses in the discipline, it’s clear that interest from academic institutions is at an all-time high for a good reason. This new biomed research is not only assisting wider groups of people; it’s setting new standards in research too.

Scope of research

Biomed obviously targets the tools and science that help the medical industry. However, new research and advances within the industry are helping to drive new discoveries elsewhere. According to, the use of high-tech fluorescent glass for the use of diagnosis science within biomed is helping to inspire new growth in the material engineering sector, a crucial area of science that has big impacts in pretty much every single industry, whether that be medicine, engineering, or less cutting edge areas such as construction.

Career prospects

All of this comes together to create great career prospects for those within the biomed engineering field. Research being conducted has an impact on lives today, but it also creates opportunity further down the road – and not just within the medicine arena. This level of flexibility and cross-disciplinary usefulness is something seldom seen in scientific research fields, and something that is absolutely invaluable in today’s interconnected world. Talented members of the biomed science community will never find themselves in short supply of work, and they’ll never find themselves too far away from the absolute frontier of new science and technological tools for use in medicine.

This is why there has been such a huge push toward expanding biomedical engineering training and research. There are few other industries that have such a huge, holistic impact on the world and everyone living in it. As new diseases (and new technology to tackle them) become prevalent, biomed engineers will only find themselves in demand.

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