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Booming #AI Job Market Offers High Salaries but UK Skill-Base not Meeting Demand of Employers

Some of the top job positions in the UK AI related market, which include data warehouse developer or data architect, can demand an average salary of £69,000 – which is 2.5 x higher than the average UK salary (UK average salary £29,588 in 2018. Source: Office For National Statistics).

In addition, the average salary in the AI sector has increased by 6% in recent years – increasing from £65,092 in February 2017 to £68,129 in February 2018, up to £68,889 in February 2019.

The AI related job market requires specific skills. The most requested is machine learning techniques followed by, in order, Python, Big Data JavaScript and C/C++.* The most popular recent UK search terms on Jobrapido related to the AI sector (Feb-March 2019) are: ‘Java’, ‘data analyst/data’; ‘research scientist’ and ‘data scientist’.

It’s time to shift the mindset and narrative away from the doom and gloom about artificial intelligence reducing employment opportunity and to realise the bounty of opportunities already available and the high salaries which accompany many roles.

However, at present there is a big problem with demand outstripping supply.

There needs to be a greater education drive from schools, universities, industry bodies and the UK Government to raise awareness about the employment opportunities available and the type of skills, training and qualifications needed.

AI jobs require a wide range of disciplines and tasks. The challenge for the industry is there are very few professionals who can master more than one discipline and much more needs to be done to provide school leavers and graduates with information on how they can enter the AI related industry.

To help facilitate existing demand and supply gaps, solve the issue of mismatches between candidates and companies, and maximise the AI job opportunities that currently do exist, we at Jobrapido have developed Smart Intuition Technology™.

This revolutionary technology improves the effectiveness of job search thanks to its mechanism based on taxonomy, AI and machine learning. It can infer jobseekers’ interests, matching them to the most complete and suitable set of targeted jobs.

Jobs in the AI marketplace include Data Analyst (£56,000 average salary), Data Scientist (£65,000 average salary), Application Support Engineer (£65,500 average salary), Python Software Developer (£68,000 average salary), Java Software Developer (£67,000 average salary) and Front-End Developer (£54,000 average salary).

Industries most needing these specific skills are, in order, Information and Communication and Professional, Scientific and Technical activities. These top 2 are then followed by Administration and Support Service and Finance and Insurance.

Rob Brouwer, CEO of Jobrapido

Source: *Data about job demand and salary have been provided through the “Workforce Analytics” dashboard from Innovantage, the Analytics arm of Jobrapido.

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