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Campaign for Learning calls for employees to learn new skills

Learning new skills can be fun and helps to create a loyal and motivated workforce, according to The Campaign for Learning, as they today announced the theme for this year’s, National Learning at Work Day.

Taking place on Thursday 22nd May 2008, the 9th annual learning day is set to encourage employees to create a “sustainable workplace” by helping them to make positive changes, that will not only benefit their organisation, but the wider community and economy.

Centering on three key strands, the “environment”, “work/life balance” and “learning throughout life”, employees can take part in a wide range of fun activities from: Scrap Heap Challenge, an inter-department recycling battle, to Ready Steady Cook, cooking healthy meals from the canteen menu at home.

Louise Dennis of Campaign for Learning explained,

“We hope that organisations and employees will use this day to learn skills and working practices that will not only help sustain the planet in environmental terms, but also help them make changes that result in business benefit.”

Colleges and universities are being encouraged to use Learning at Work Day to also help employees discover hidden talents and recognise informal learning.

Louise continued, “Learning new skills and recognising those that already exist creates a loyal and motivated workforce leading ultimately to business success.”

The one-day workplace learning event takes place as part of Adult Learners Week, from the 17th to 23rd May 2008.

Jason Seebaruth

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