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Celebrating diversity and multilingualism in the classroom with Twinkl

Twinkl’s “Talking Their Language with Helen Bodell,” is a fortnightly podcast designed to support educators teaching English as an Additional Language (EAL). Launched in November 2022 by Helen Bodell, Twinkl’s EAL Segment Manager, this podcast celebrates cultural diversity, multilingualism, and offers practical advice, strategies, resources, and research to enable educators in their classrooms.

Supporting Educators and Celebrating 

Cultural Diversity

With a wealth of episodes covering various essential topics, “Talking Their Language” equips educators with the knowledge and tools they need to effectively teach EAL learners. Topics covered include transition, being an EAL lead, scaffolding, diversity in Literature, oracy, welcoming new arrivals, TAs supporting EAL learners, translanguaging, multilingual classrooms, building an inclusive school community, supporting multilingual teens and outdoor learning.

Each episode, averaging around 30 minutes, offers valuable insights, real-life examples, and practical tips to promote inclusive learning environments. Listeners can access this free professional development resource anywhere, whether at school, on a walk, or during their commute.

The podcast showcases thought-provoking discussions with renowned experts, practitioners, and organisations dedicated to EAL education. Notable guests include Dr. Robert Sharples and Jo Thomson, who co-host the “Why It Works” series, as well as Dr Sabine Little, Jonathan Bifield, Anna Czebiolk , Refugee Education UK and Marcelo Staricoff.

Dr. Robert Sharples, Lecturer in Language and Education and author of “Teaching EAL: Evidence-based Strategies for the Classroom and School,” commended the podcast, stating, “The ‘Why it Works’ series offers evidence-based strategies and practical tips, empowering educators to cultivate inclusive and effective learning environments that celebrate linguistic diversity.”

Support and Community Building

The impact of “Talking Their Language” extends beyond Twinkl’s resources, as it has helped establish the organisation as a credible voice within the EAL community. By engaging with the top EAL experts worldwide, this podcast is committed to providing the best learning experience for Twinkl members, by fostering a vibrant and supportive community passionate about EAL education.

Christina Hingley, EAL Product Owner at Twinkl, said,

“With insights from renowned academics, dedicated organisations, and experienced in-class practitioners, this podcast offers invaluable real-life examples and practical tips that fuel professional growth. We aim to help listeners to stay at the forefront of the EAL community developments and delve into culturally significant topics and events, empowering educators to foster inclusive learning environments”.

With 30 insightful episodes featuring leading EAL experts, “Talking Their Language with Helen Bodell” provides invaluable support to educators and EAL leaders in their journey to assist EAL learners. The podcast is available on the Twinkl website, alongside a wide range of EAL resources to support both educators and their learners.

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