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Childcare students receive inspiring talk

Nat Jackson delivering her workshop to Childcare students

@BarnsleyCollege’s Childcare students have been audience to an inspiring workshop delivered by Nat Jackson, Director of @TotallyRunable, an organisation which uses running as a tool to build confidence and close the gender sport gap. 

Nat’s journey began when she lost a family member and struggled to cope with the grieving process and felt as if her life wasn’t in control. Focusing on what Nat knew she could control, she decided to sign up for the London Marathon in an attempt to fundraise for a local hospice.  

After completing the marathon despite no prior experience of distance running before, Nat realised that it was possible to achieve so much more than she first thought she was capable of. This soon turned into a business plan and Totally Runable was born. 

Nat is a strong advocate for physical activity after seeing first-hand the mental health support that it can provide. Nat spoke to students about the benefits of getting outside in the fresh air and exercising. She explained how running can help with problem solving, how it can be used an as escape mechanism and help people to feel exhilarated.  

The workshop focussed heavily on the ideology that students can set themselves a goal and achieve it, whether it be a running goal or something completely different such as a new job, studying a new language or learning to drive.  

Nat said:

“I love to share the lessons I’ve learned through running with students who maybe don’t see themselves as ‘sporty’ or super talented at sport just to let them know that there are so many benefits for them in being physically active, as I’ve found. It isn’t about whether you’re great at it, it’s about what you get from it. 

“I was really excited to be speaking to Childcare students at Barnsley College as they will have such an amazing opportunity to have a direct impact and be role models for the next generation. My little girl is two and I would love for her to see role models around her in childcare settings who look after their mental health and have ways to care for their own mental health when they need it. Running has been that for me, and I hope I have passed that on to some of the students.” 

Jessica Hatton, studying Level 3 Childcare: Supporting Teaching and Learning at Barnsley College, took part in the Desk to 5K Totally Runable programme and said:

“Before starting this programme I never thought I would see myself running or taking part. It has shown me that when I put my mind to things I can do them and reach for the goals I’ve always wanted. Doing this programme has helped me both mentally and physically as I feel I’m more motivated and it has helped me massively with my self-esteem.”  

Emma Harvey, Tutorial Team Leader for Childcare and Education Professions at Barnsley College, added:

“Nat is inspirational to all of our students. She supports young people to see that they can do more than they thought. All the skills that students develop with Nat and Totally Runnable are transferable and can be used in many different ways.” 

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