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CNet Training Launch Digital Badges for All Certified Individuals

Sarah Parks, Director of Marketing, CNet Training

CNet Training’s Credentials Go Digital

CNet has announced another first for the digital infrastructure industry by issuing digital badges to all successfully certified learners from education programs spanning The Global Digital Infrastructure Education Framework.

The badges help support both individuals and businesses by having an easily identifiable way to recognise talent and reward accomplishments. They offer significant value to professionals by creating a strong visual tool that can help enhance employee recognition as well as strengthen job profiles for those seeking new career opportunities.

On successful completion of a CNet technical education program and receiving the official certification, individuals will automatically be issued their unique digital badge. The badges are securely stored together and managed by the individual via their user account. From here, the badges can be easily shared via social media and can also be downloaded to verify knowledge, skills and certifications gained, it, therefore, adds valuable credibility to individuals’ professional profiles.

CNet’s certifications require re-certifying every three years. Re-certifying ensures that the learner is aware and up to date with the latest standards and codes of practice and brings the learner up to speed with the latest changes and technical development within the industry. It also provides certification status for a further three years with continued access to the learners post nominal title. CNet is backdating the digital badges by three years (2017) to everyone who successfully completed a program or re-certified during this period. The digital badge will display the credential’s expiry date which will encourage learners to re-certify every three years, and therefore receive an updated badge. Badges will be issued to all future certified learners going forward.

Digital badging also benefits companies. It displays to the industry and stakeholders that staff are officially certified in their chosen subjects. It also demonstrates a significant commitment to education and on-going professional development, and this can help enhance the attractiveness of the company to potential recruits.

Sarah Parks, Director of Marketing, CNet Training says,

“We’re excited to launch the new digital badges, we wanted to create a talent recognition badge for our learners and our clients to provide the ability to showcase personal achievements. Paper certificates are great, but people don’t carry them around, and they can often be misplaced. Having portable digital badges allow individuals to access their achievements directly and instantly on their devices. The benefits are huge, allowing individuals to clearly showcase their skills and certification and therefore stand out from the rest, and for companies, showing the badges of their team members will certainly help to enhance brand reputation and competitive advantage.”

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