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Coleg Glan Hafren ILEX students achieve 100% pass rate

18 of Coleg Glan Hafren’s Law students taking their exams in the ILEX (Institute of Legal Executives) Level 3 Professional Certificate in Law and Practice have achieved a 100% pass rate. One student from a Barry Law firm even achieved the ultimate 100% mark with distinction.

Coleg Glan Hafren offers several options for following the ILEX route to the Legal profession. Over 100 students are studying ILEX courses this year at Coleg Glan Hafren, from more than 35 employers. Most of them are on four year courses running from level 3 up to level 6.

Last month the results came through for the 18 students who sat the ILEX Level 3 Professional Certificate in Law and Practice exams in January. The exam was broken up into three units: Introduction to Law & Practice, Client Care Skills and Legal Research Skills. 100% of the students passed all their exams, while 11 out of the 18 achieved Distinction grades for the Introduction to Law and Practice unit. One student – Claire Jones, 26, from Barry – even achieved the perfect 100% grade.

In September 2002 Claire started an LLB (Bachelor of Law) degree at University but didn’t enjoy the course or the teaching methods and only ended up completing the first year, before starting work full-time as a Paralegal at Colin Jones Solicitors in Barry, a family firm specialising in Criminal and Family Law. Claire started in the Criminal Law Department first, staying there for three years in the Crown Court section where she prepared cases and assisted Counsel in conferences and Court. Claire then took the Police Station Representative Course at Cardiff University and passed the exam, but she then moved to the Family Law department of the business and didn’t then continue with the rest of the course, though she may go back to it at a later date.

Due to her drive for professional development and building a career in Law, Claire, who has three A Levels in Politics, History and English Literature, decided she needed more qualifications. While she was at a Law Society event she saw some promo material from Coleg Glan Hafren and realised that the college ran the ILEX courses part-time.

Claire takes up the story, "I looked into the course detail and realised the ILEX Level 3 Professional Diploma in Law and Practice would build on the practical skills I’d developed as a Paralegal and give me more theory. As the course is part-time I can study it around my job, plus it’s been a blessing that my employer has sponsored me for the course – which I’m eternally thankful for! I had forgotten the results were due and didn’t open them ‘til the next day, when my jaw dropped at seeing the 100% result. I think the practical experience helped me on the exam, plus the support of the tutors at the college was amazing. The tutor explained everything that would be included in the exam and made sure we covered all the ILEX course manual. The notes he provided were also excellent for revision material. Overall the ILEX tutors have been extremely helpful and very approachable, as they’ve been available by email and for any extra tutorials. They are also very knowledgeable on the subject matter and the college resources are superb."

In the immediate future Claire is expecting to complete the Level 3 ILEX course, followed by the Level 6. Claire continued, "Hopefully with my experience ILEX will waive some of my qualifying employment meaning I can become a Fellow of ILEX sooner. From there on if I wanted to become a Solicitor, the LPC is the only extra qualification needed. The course has afforded me opportunities I didn’t think possible when I didn’t complete my LLB and dropped out of uni – one day I’m hoping to be a department head within the firm, which has been established for over 30 years, and maybe eventually a partner! My main aim is to become a Fellow and to specialise in family law – particularly child care – as Fellows can now become Children Panel Members."

Lorna Williams, ILEX Co-ordinator at Coleg Glan Hafren said, "To pass the ILEX exams requires a lot of hard work and intelligence. For all our students to pass the exams with such ease is a testament to the teaching here at Coleg Glan Hafren and the unbelievable dedication of the students. I’m also incredibly pleased that one of our students achieved the unsurpassable 100% grade."

Anyone interested in the ILEX courses should contact Lorna Williams on 02920 250250 ext 3526 or by email [email protected]

Coleg Glan Hafren is hosting an open event for Business and Professional courses, including the ILEX courses, on Wednesday 24th June, from 5 to 8pm


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