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Barnsley College student skates to success

Yasmin Demircekic skating.

Barnsley College Public Services student Yasmin Demircekic is setting her sights on competing in the National Ice Skating Association’s Oxford Open this October.

The 18-year-old took upfigure skating after her mum took her to public sessions, where she recognised her love for the sport. After completing her level one to ten grades she developed a skater’s control and balance which demands lots of practice, patience and time.

Yasmin will compete against some of the best figure skaters on the national circuit at the prestigious competition. Currently part of the Ice Sheffield Club, to prepare for the competition she has a gruelling training routine, with eight hours of sessions on the ice each week and strength training at the gym. 

Yasmin is part of the Barnsley Sports Academy within College and has been able to access an Elite Sports Performance Bursary to fund aspects of her competition such as equipment and travel.

Yasmin, of Royston, said: “My main focus is on improving my score and place in each competition. I regularly watch videos of figure skaters such as Ashley Wagner in order to improve my own skating. I’m glad I found something I enjoy and would definitely recommend others to give it a go.

“The College understands the demands of ice skating and is always encouraging me to develop further. Barnsley Sports Academy has made me become more confident and helped fund aspects of an expensive sport through the College’s Elite Sport Bursary.”

Barnsley Sports Academy offers fantastic facilities and a team of expert and specialist coaches supporting talented sports performers in any discipline. Academies include Football (male and female), Rugby, Netball, Basketball, Refereeing and Individual Athlete Academy.

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