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Gower College Swansea’s music students take Fringe Festival by storm

@GowerCollege Swansea’s Music Production and Performance students recently performed at their very own Swansea Fringe Festival stage. 

The Beacons x Gower College Swansea Takeover stage, at Hangar 18 on Saturday 23 October, featured music from College bands Avalanche, Konflix, Fish Tank, & Ocean View, along with a performance from alumni student and former student of the year, Olivia Kneath. The bands covered a wide span of genres, from indie to alt and hardcore. 

“We wanted to take what we do outside of College grounds and into the centre of the public eye,” says music lecturer, AJ Laveaux. “With guidance from us as College staff along with the professional experience of Richard from Beacons, we set the students to organise, promote, and manage the entire show. 

“The show had a great turnout and students did an amazing job all round, along with having a really good time, which was brilliant to see after the last two years they’ve had,” he says. 

Later on in the year, the students will be performing shows at Christmas, Valentines and Easter time at Llwyn Y Bryn Campus, as well as an end-of-year show that may promise a return to Hangar 18. 

The two-year music course offered at Llwyn Y Bryn Campus is designed to be as practical as possible and turns budding bedroom musicians into stage performers armed with the ability not only to perform, but to write, compose, record, and promote their music within the real world. 

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