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Join the Future Physics Leaders programme to develop as a specialist

The Future Physics Leaders programme helps teachers develop specialist subject knowledge, become a physics leader and work towards becoming a chartered physicist.

What you can get

The support you get will depend on your current role. As a:

  • specialist physics teacher in a partner school you will receive 6 half day workshops a year during school hours on advanced topics including:
    • pedagogy for high attainment pupils
    • engaging low socio-economic status pupils
    • engaging female pupils
  • specialist physics teacher in a lead school you will work towards achieving chartered physicist status
  • non-physics teacher you will receive 2 evening sessions of continuing professional development (CPD) a term to improve your subject and pedagogical knowledge
  • newly qualified teacher you will be supported by a work plan developed in partnership with your school, and mentoring by the Institute of Physics development coaches

The programme supports 24 lead schools and 144 partner schools.

Who can apply

You can apply to participate in the programme as part of a lead or partner school if you’re a:

  • specialist physics teacher
  • newly qualified physics teacher
  • non-specialist physics teacher

Schools can apply if they are:

When it’s available

The programme is recruiting lead and partner schools across the country until January 2019.

What it costs

The programme is free.

Funding is available to allow teachers to be released to attend workshops during school hours.

How to apply

Register your interest by contacting [email protected].

Find out more

See the Institute of Physics website for more information.

See what other teaching and leadership innovation funded programmes are available in your area.

Published 21 September 2018
Last updated 8 January 2019 + show all updates

  1. Updated recruitment deadline to January 2019.
  2. First published

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