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Edinburgh is one of the UK’s leading #tech hubs sustaining the competitiveness of the UK economy

Jason Fowler, HR Director, Fujitsu UK & Ireland

It’s been announced that Edinburgh is one of the UK’s leading tech hubs, with digital jobs growth rocketing by three times the national average.

It’s encouraging to see another city in the UK recognised as a top tech hub, however, we mustn’t ignore the recent concerns of the large north-south divide in the tech workforce.

Technology has reshaped the economy, with entire markets being disrupted by digital challengers, and we are seeing businesses develop new business models need to take advantage of these opportunities.

In order to sustain the competitiveness of the UK economy, we – private and public organisations – need to ensure that opportunities are being spread out equally across all cities and the entire UK.

There are multiple tech hubs up and down the country, meaning there is an opportunity for businesses to benefit from talent across the whole of the UK.

Focusing so heavily on select cities means there is a collective of talent out there being overlooked.

Businesses nationwide need to do more to ensure these opportunities are open to everyone across the country.

Jason Fowler, HR Director at Fujitsu UK & Ireland


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