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“Education Can be Stale, so We’re Bringing it to Life” – learndirect Bucks the Trends of Educational Marketing

There’s Still Life in the Ol’ Boomers Yet! Career Changers Flock to learndirect

‘Stuffy’, ‘stale’, ‘boring’ – these words can often be associated with education. Many of us grow up dreading the school day; it can feel like we’ve been forced into a monotonous cycle of textbooks and tests. So, it’s no wonder that this perception has spread into the notion of education itself.

The reality, though, is that learning can unlock opportunities that people may otherwise not have access to without certain skills, knowledge, and qualifications.

When it comes to marketing this message, the challenge is removing the stigma and appealing to audiences of all ages and backgrounds.

Driving learndirect’s Vision

learndirect is the go-to provider of online education in the UK, geared towards people who are choosing to develop professionally and personally after mandatory schooling.

They cater to a variety of audiences, from those thinking about changing their career later in life to people seeking an alternative route to higher education after leaving school.

learndirect’s driving purpose is to make education more accessible to people of all ages and backgrounds, and to achieve this, the business is appealing to its audience by removing the time, tech, and cost barriers associated with learning.

By providing a level of flexibility of study that traditional education is unable to offer, people can access their courses anywhere and at any time of day, fitting learning around their schedules and lifestyles.

With an easy-to-use digital learning platform, learndirect learners can navigate through courses without the need for costly textbooks, and they can connect with tutors online, eliminating the need for in-person classroom learning.

The cost-of-living crisis is understandably putting a strain on finances for families up and down the UK, and to ensure that cost doesn’t get in the way of people achieving their potential through education, learndirect offers a range of payment plans to suit various budgets and circumstances, making them one of the most affordable in the market.

Appealing to these audiences and driving learndirect’s brand message is Group Chief Digital Officer Kyle Fedyszyn. He says:

“Education is crucial for personal and professional development, but it can often be seen as dull and plain. Studying with learndirect is a choice, it’s not a mandatory step, so it’s important for us to appeal to multiple motivating factors, such as career changes, promotion hunting, upskilling etc.

“There is a real driving purpose behind each person enrolling on a course, and through our innovative marketing techniques, we connect with them on a human and emotional level, providing the information they need while tapping into their desire to better themselves and their lives.

“Unlike traditional learning, we offer qualifications that can be studied remotely, whether that’s at home, in a coffee shop, while travelling etc. We want education to be an addition to someone’s lifestyle, not a replacement.

“With digital being a universal language, we have used new channels and practices to push the boundaries. We know that the demand for short and engaging video content is high in a digital-first society, and with our customers seeking online learning solutions, we are providing the answers they need in a relatable way. We all know that education can be stale, so we’re bringing it to life to drive our brand message.”

A Digital-First Mindset

As the digital landscape transforms, our media consumption evolves, with video taking the lead. Short-form video platforms like TikTok, Snapchat, and YouTube are gaining popularity, with research indicating that 96% of consumers prefer concise videos.

Now, more than ever, relatability is crucial, as 70% of consumers prefer authentic content on social platforms over professionally produced content.

learndirect has capitalised on this surge by appealing to an audience eager to learn. Through relatable user-generated content, users can envision themselves in various career paths.

Made up of a series of EdTech businesses, learndirect provides a wide range of online nationally and internationally recognised qualifications that span a variety of industries. 

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