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Education Technology : disrupting how we learn Real Estate.

Over the last few years, we witnessed an unprecedented acceleration in the way Technology tends to transform real estate, a millenarian industry.

Historically, real estate has been quite reluctant to major changes. But the current global crisis and technological advances have changed the real estate landscape for ever.

What we commonly call Property Technology or Proptech has radically changed our relationship to property: digital viewing, buying and selling online, property investment and crowfunding, smart homes and IoT, VR, machine learning and big data…All those hot topics are now the new normal and should be mastered by anyone willing to navigate through the modern Property era. We can agree that the Property industry has definitely embraced technology as an accelerator and game changer.

When talking about learning and training, Technology is also here to facilitate and improve how we used to learn and share knowledge. Now more than ever is the perfect time to take advantage of the education technology shift. As Real Estate is an ever changing industry, constant learning is a prerequisite. For professionals or new comers, going through a dedicated learning tool is a must.

At RE-L Network, a London based Edtech, their approach is part of this global digital transformation process. Now more than ever, Education Technology has a key role to play by helping the Real Estate industry raising knowledge standards that will ultimately benefit to everyone involved.

Today, real estate professionals and students can learn about property from the confort of their home as remote working and digital learning have become normal practice. Any topic is available anytime from anywhere with a large choice of learning formats: podcast, video, VR, webinars …everything has become possible thanks to technology.

Finally, the advantages of Education Technology applied to real estate are remarquable by improving efficiency and boosting productivity. Professionals and students stay up to date, remain compliant and are able to develop and future-proof their career. Additionally, by becoming an expert they can share back their knowledge to those entering the industry, which creates a virtuous circle.

By its size and role in our lives, Real Estate industry definitely deserves a dedicated modern and intuitive learning platform supporting the industry in the long run. A place like the RE-L Network.

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