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Applications are now open for the 2019/20 Masters research programmes for Further Education practitioners #ETFConf2019

The 2019/20 Practitioner Research Programme (PRP) has been launched today at the Education and Training Foundation’s (ETF) Annual Practitioner Research Conference at Mary Ward House in London.

Applications for the free of charge Masters programmes are now open until 17 September 2019.

Since their launch in 2014, over 130 practitioners have been funded on the programmes.

The PRP offers the opportunity for teachers, trainers and assessors in the Further Education (FE) and Training sector to work towards a Masters qualification and help improve practice in the sector through research.

The Programme has been run by the ETF since 2014 and delivered in partnership with the University of Sunderland Centre for Excellence in Teacher Training (SUNCETT).

Applications are now open for the Practitioner Research Programme’s two, free of charge, Masters courses:

• A one-year MA Module in Educational Research (30 credits), targeted at teachers starting out in research and interested in engaging in small-scale, evidence-based and practice-focused research.
• A two-year Masters of Philosophy (MPhil) programme in Educational Research aimed at those seeking to take their research to the next level, specifically designed for practitioners with some experience in research.

At today’s Annual Practitioner Conference programme, participants from the current MA and MPhil research programmes will present their research to the conference delegates. This includes David Russell, CEO of the ETF, and programme leaders from both the ETF and SUNCETT as part of the PRP.

Current research topics include:
• Teaching, Learning and Assessment in GCSE English and Maths
• The Development of Craft and Skill in Vocational Education
• Dilemmas in the Vocational-Academic Divide
• The challenges of the Theory/Practice Divide
• Problems and possibilities in curriculum design, implementation and evaluation
• New approaches to professional learning and development
• Technology and the use of ICT.

Paul Kessell-Holland, Director of Insights at the Education and Training Foundation, said:

“The continued success of the Practitioner Research Programme is a key achievement for the ETF, SUNCETT, all the dedicated individuals and institutions involved and for our wider sector.

“There is a steady growth in the number of research projects being undertaken in our sector which has for years been woefully under-researched. The PRP remains a central plank of this growing ecosystem of learning, with strong links across much of the research community.

“At a time of considerable change, even for a sector renowned for constant evolution, there has never been a more important moment to support practitioners and institutions in being well prepared to understand the challenges they may face. The depth and breadth of the work and expertise on display today is an inspiration to anyone wondering ‘should this be done?’ Perhaps more importantly, it is an inspiration to any teacher thinking ‘can I do this?’. The answer is a resounding ‘Yes, you can’.”

Professor Maggie Gregson at the University of Sunderland said:

“We are proud to be working in partnership with the Education and Training Foundation in the provision of the Practitioner Research Programme. Talented teachers and education leaders from across the sector are making real contributions to the improvement of educational practice through their engagement in research, mentored and supported by the University of Sunderland.

“We are proud of the ongoing contribution these programmes make to the great work the Foundation does in improving educational practice across the sector. We look forward to receiving applications for places on the programme for 2019-2020.
“Projects supported by the programme include research at Master of Arts, MPhil and PhD level. University of Sunderland’s extensive experience and expertise in delivering innovative approaches to supporting practitioner research has enabled us to develop highly successful customised research support programmes with the ETF that not only meet the needs of sector practitioners and their employers but also improve the experiences of learners in Further Education (FE) and Training sector. The potential of these programmes in delivering real education improvement to the FE sector is considerable”

The 2019/20 programmes close for applications on Monday 16 September at 5pm. More information on the Practitioner Research Programme and how to apply can be found on the ETF website.

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