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Fitch Learning Kickstarts CIFP Program with Saudi Industrial Development Fund to Enrich Financial Education

@FitchLearning is pleased to announce that it has formed a strategic alliance with The Saudi Industrial Development Fund (@SIDFSA) to deliver a Certified Investment Financing Professional (CIFP) training program that will enrich the financial skills of its local talent in its thriving economy, and also provide them with a better insight into the increasingly complex global financial landscape.

Working together with the SIDF Academy, Fitch Learning has designed a program to invest in human capital that allows CIFP participants to keep pace with the vital Saudi economy, and also offers them a pathway to building global expertise and qualifications. The CIFP aims to raise the capability of employees in the fields of finance, credit and investment. The program includes three levels with 18 distinct training modules, including financial accounting, financial analysis, lending, business development, and financial modeling. It is part of the Academy’s efforts to become the primary knowledge hub building human capabilities in priority sectors essential to achieving the Kingdom’s industrial evolution.

Andreas Karaiskos, CEO of Fitch Learning, said:

“Saudi Arabia is a key strategic market for the Fitch Group and we are delighted to play a key role helping the Kingdom enriching financial training skills across the Kingdom, and delivering exactly the right international financial certification opportunities via our CIFP program to set its professionals on the fast track for success.”

Dr. Kholod Ashgar, SIDF Academy Director, commented:

“We are proud to be working together with Fitch Learning, a leading global provider of professional development courses for the financial services industry, to deliver this CIFP program via SIDF Academy. Building on the Fund’s experience that has exceeded 47 years in training national cadres, the Academy is keen to provide the best training programs for employees of the Fund, industrial ecosystem and private sector in the fields of finance, technology, industry, mining, energy, and logistic services. This collaboration represents a major step on our path to train and develop our keen talent to stimulate future prosperity, jobs and growth in this vital sector of the Saudi economy.”

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