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Forward2Employment Rated ‘Good’ by Ofsted in First Inspection

Job Coaches, staff and interns celebrating and cheering. Some interns are holding balloons which spell out good.

Between the 20th and 22nd of March 2024, Forward2Employment were visited by Ofsted.  This was a full inspection and the first full inspection following our new Provision Monitoring Visit in July 2022.

It is with delight that Forward2Employment have been graded as a ‘Good’ provision.  This is a fantastic achievement under this Ofsted framework for a first inspection and as a relatively new provision.

“Supported interns receive significant support to develop employment skills and practices…  Supported interns become increasingly confident to work with members of the community and work colleagues.  As a result, they become valued members of the workforce.” – Ofsted Inspection Team

“Supported interns greatly value the training and high levels of support they receive from staff at F2E and the employers they work with. They appreciate the carefully chosen work placements where they rightly relish the opportunity to acquire valuable workplace skills and knowledge to enable them to meet their aspirations to gain a permanent role.” – Ofsted Inspection Team

We celebrated our success by inviting our interns, Job Coaches and the wider Forward2Employment and Fortis Trust staff team for an official celebration/announcement.

We are committed to excellence in everything we do, with our interns playing a central focus in our efforts. While our dedication is not solely for the approval of Ofsted, it is gratifying to have our work and accomplishments recognised by them.

“Supported interns feel safe and know who to talk to if they have a concern while at Forward2Employment and at their work placement. Supported interns know how to keep safe in the workplace. They receive appropriate guidance and training in safe working practices, such as wearing personal protective equipment.” – Ofsted Inspection Team

“Supported interns become increasingly respectful and considerate to others due to their training. They learn to celebrate the diverse communities they work and study in, such as by studying black history, Down syndrome awareness and hidden disabilities. They become more considerate of those in their communities as a result.” – Ofsted Inspection Team

You can read the full report here: Ofsted Report

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