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The surprising trend of 1000 glue sticks that is causing a stir during England’s Teacher Strikes

At a time when education funding is at an all-time low, Twinkl’s online giveaway has created a stir, reflecting the challenging situation. By offering educators access to supplies during strike periods, Twinkl’s initiative has garnered attention and support. It serves as a poignant reminder of the challenges faced by educators. 

Teacher strikes and their impact

On July 5th and 7th, teachers across England went on strike again for the sixth time. The strikes have highlighted various concerns across the community; from pay issues, long working hours, the emotional and physical well-being of professionals and more. Recent reports by the government have also highlighted the struggles teachers are facing to get access to the tools and resources they need due to a lack of funding.

Strikes, although necessary, often have a greater impact on the educators themselves. In a survey conducted by Twinkl in January this year, educators said strikes can impact on their well-being, income and many struggle with how they will be perceived by other members of the community.

Speculation around the cause of the strikes led to further concerns being raised by those within the profession, one Twinkl user said,

“Teachers feel guilty not teaching but need to make their voices heard for change. Young staff and those who do not earn as much lose pay, which is a concern if the strikes have to go on longer.”

The comments expressed by educators show that although strike action has been taken, there is little change to the difficulties they are facing. The recent giveaways offered by Twinkl, although have been met positively, have also continued to highlight some of the continuing issues across the education sector.

Trending Twinkl giveaways

Twinkl has been making waves on social media with its continuous online giveaways for educators, particularly during strike period. Their recent giveaway of 1000 glue sticks during the strike on Wednesday (July 5) garnered over 8000 entries, quickly becoming a trending hit online.

One Twitter user said, “For anyone still on the fence about #TeacherStrike days and why there’s a point, just know 1000 GLUE STICKS is trending because teachers are having to take part in social media giveaways to get their schools free equipment their school can’t afford. It’s 2023, how?”

Interestingly, Twitter users have been actively tagging the Education Secretary in their posts, drawing attention to the plight of educators and the need for better support. The trending hashtags and discussions surrounding the giveaways have sparked conversations about the current state of education and the challenges faced by teachers in obtaining essential supplies.

Chief Customer Officer at Twinkl, Leon Smith, said,

“At Twinkl, helping educators is part of our founding mission so we continuously engage with the education community to gain in-depth understanding of the challenges they face. During these difficult times, we feel it is important to be able to give back and show our appreciation for the incredible work they do.”

Today, Twinkl has taken to social media once again. Demonstrating their commitment to listening to the teaching community and understanding their challenges, they are now offering educators the chance to win 1000 whiteboard pens for their school. Which this morning, saw them trending at #6 on Twitter, alongside Threads, Wimbledon and even Taylor Swift, showing just how sought after these classroom basics are.

To learn more about the work done by Twinkl to support schools and how you could get involved with future giveaways, you can stay up to date on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram or visit the Twinkl website.

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