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Fujitsu introduces Continuous Education Program for Channel Partners

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Fujitsu’s SELECT Expert Channel Partners can now more easily acquire, hone and refresh their valuable IT skills that provide a competitive advantage.

The Fujitsu Continuous Education Program is a new training approach backed by three key pillars: training, tools and community and underpinned by an EUR 1m investment.

The number of vacancies for individuals with critical technical skills, particularly those in emerging technologies, continues to grow exponentially – and the pace of technology innovation continues to accelerate. However, many positions remain unfilled, leaving businesses in all sectors struggling to implement their IT plans, stifling innovation and holding back economic growth. Fujitsu’s solution is to extend the culture of continuous learning to its channel partners, increasing the availability of skilled specialists to meet demand.

Channel partner training and certification have always been essential to the Fujitsu Select Partner Program. The approach to training is refreshed for 2023. Fujitsu’s partner team is committed to extending a culture of continuous learning as a competitive advantage to Channel Partners, centred on three key areas:

Continuous Education Program that leverages training, tools, and community

  • Training: The SELECT Partner training gives partners a choice in how they learn in terms of subject matter and delivery – from virtual, on-demand training to live on-site. Rather than focus on accreditation, partners can select critical areas of focus and explore various educational opportunities, from workshops to on-the-job training that increases skills while keeping their certifications active.
  • Tools: All Fujitsu partner training is migrating to a flexible, new platform that gives learners access to training from any location at any time. Its intuitive dashboard offers individuals a clear overview of their progress toward their individual development goals and enables them to easily share their accreditation status on social media platforms. The new platform also seamlessly integrates 3rd party training and certifications.
  • Community: Fujitsu’s Partner Ecosystem has a strong culture of knowledge sharing. This centres on Tech Community, facilitating ongoing technical discussions. This is in addition to annual workshops that bring together the best and brightest of the region’s Channel technologists, pre-sales consultants, and IT visionaries.

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