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#FutureOfApprenticeships: Are apprenticeships still working for 16-19 year olds?

Future of Apprenticeships episode 1

In today’s episode, host Gavin O’Meara and co-host Suzanne Slater (Director of Operations for Apprenticeships at NCFE) are joined by guest speakers Lucy Hunte (National Programme Manager for Apprenticeships, NHS) and John-Joe Tams (Accreditation Apprentice at NCFE) to explore an important question – are apprenticeships still working for 16-19 year olds?

As we continue to see a trend that indicates decreased entry level apprenticeship starts for this age group, our speakers will discuss this issue as well as possible solutions in order to address this challenge. We’ll hear directly from a current apprentice, John Joe Tams, who’ll be sharing his own experience regarding his apprenticeship and how he feels this is setting him up with skills for life. Plus, Lucy Hunte will be sharing why she is advocating for a Level 2 Business Admin standard, and the difference that Level 2 apprenticeships can have as an entry point for apprentices of all ages and backgrounds.

Feel free to join the conversation using the #FutureOfApprenticeships hashtag or by getting in touch with us!

This series is now over! You can listen to the podcast below:

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