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GCSE students @TamesideCollege learn in ‘eggciting’ new ways

Students at Tameside College are learning in new and exciting ways with the help of freshly hatched chicks as part of a Living Eggs project.

The chicks, which have all hatched in special incubators at the college, are helping GCSE maths and English students to learn in more practical ways in the classroom.

Whilst maths students will be weighing and measuring the chicks to work out their volume and ratio over the course of the project, English students will be using their creative writing skills to write descriptive ‘diaries’ following the lives of the chicks.

The project is part of a broader strategy by Tameside College to encourage students to be passionate about maths and English and to bring more active learning into the classroom.

The chicks have been supplied by Living Eggs a company which provides schools, nurseries and other organisations with ready to hatch eggs.

Helen Watts, teacher in English at Tameside College, said:

“This is a great project for our students to be involved in, the reaction we’ve had has been amazing. The students have been really excited to handle them and learn about them in new and interesting ways. People from all around the college have been coming to the department just to see them hatch.”

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