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Health & Safety company issues 250 free mental health courses to support small businesses

It’s a topic that has long been considered taboo, but employees’ mental health is a bigger concern for businesses than ever.  Over a third of workers say they are experiencing more anxiety than normal due to the pandemic and 4 out of 5 SME owners say that coronavirus has had a negative impact on their mental health1 . 

Mental health issues have also increased by 5% in the UK in the last year alone.  As absence for mental health issues can take up to 7.5 times longer to recover from than physical sickness2, businesses should look to prioritise the wellbeing of their workforce to ensure productivity and employee happiness is maintained.  

In a pledge to support businesses and create a safer working environment, Phoenix Health & Safety, health and safety training specialists based in Staffordshire, will be offering 250 businesses FREE Stress Awareness training.

The course can help both employees and managers identify symptoms of stress, the common causes of stress in the workplace, and the roles and responsibilities staff members have in preventing it. 

Nick Higginson, Managing Director at Phoenix Health and Safety says:

“Wellbeing in the workplace is more important than it’s ever been. Employers are responsible for protecting the mental health of their employees. This includes stress associated with work and also for those continuously working from home. 

There is a cost to mental health at work, and it has been proven that businesses who take a proactive approach to employee wellbeing regularly outperform those that don’t.”

One of the challenges SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) encounter is the costs associated with funding professional mental health and stress awareness courses, which will offer management the essential training to support employees and manage their work-life balance. 

This is why we’ve decided to offer 250 free training courses to businesses across the UK, and help support the British economy and the wellbeing of those who live and work in Britain. We hope this small contribution will make a difference to the lives of all those who work hard to build brighter futures for themselves and their employees.”

How can businesses get hold of the Free Stress Awareness management training?

If you’re a business owner, management or HR,  you apply to get a free course for your business here. You will need to fill in a form at the bottom of the page which will send you a link to the course details via email once completed. The 250 courses are provided on a first-come, first served basis.

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