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It has often been said that today’s students are being prepared for jobs that don’t yet exist. A report by Dell has estimated that 85% of the jobs that will exist in 2030 haven’t even been invented yet.

Therefore, the way in which our children are educated needs to be adapted. This change is already well under way, if we think back to how our parents were educated it was very much a case of a teacher will hand out text books and the students will work their way through the book quietly, whereas today teaching has become a lot more hands on. The methods used to grade exams and a much broader range of courses and subjects are just two examples of how education systems are changing with the aid of technology.

Many developers have already created products designed to enhance education. Technology such as tablets, apps, and improvements in software and hardware aren’t only changing the game for students but for staff as well. All teachers want to provide the best learning environment possible and new technology is bound to create a shift in the traditional education methods that we were once used to. We believe that technology isn’t something to be feared or viewed as a distraction for students, technology needs to be embraced and we need to accept that it is a vital part of our future and be open to the benefits it can bring us. 

Benefits of technology in the classroom

  • Learning is more fun & engaging – laptops, tablets & graphical videos can all transform the presentation of subject matter & keep students engaged for longer
  • More hands-on teaching – technology allows teachers to take a more show rather than tell approach, which can make difficult topics easier to understand & help students to absorb them quicker
  • Never miss a class – for older students tools such as Skype & webinar software can allow teachers to record their sessions, giving students the chance to catch up or recap in their own time
  • Instant access to a wide range of resources – the internet provides a full library of resources in the form of e-books, PDF’s, videos, infographics etc giving students instant access to a plethora of references available to quote
  • Improved collaboration – web forums & tools like SlideShare allows students to share opinions & offer advice on any subject matter
  • Encourages individual learning – everybody learns at different speeds and in different ways so there shouldn’t be a one size fits all approach with teaching. Technology allows students to learn at their own pace & recap any topics they’re struggling with
  • Prepares students for the future workplace – the workplace is relying on digital technology more & more with every year that passes. By having the latest innovations available for your students, you can ensure they’re well prepared for their future workplace

It’s not just students who can benefit from having the latest technology, teachers can also benefit as well:

  • Keep track of students’ progress – cloud software allows you to keep track of how every individual student is progressing & stores it in one convenient location available to multiple users on any device, at any time
  • Focus on teaching – technology allows for the mundane administrative tasks to be automated allowing teachers to concentrate on lesson planning and focus on actual teaching
  • Improve teaching – the latest technology can complement and help teachers enhance their methods of teaching resulting in an improvement in grades for their students
  • Improve staff morale & harmony – teachers want to be able to provide the best learning environment possible. By having the latest technology, you can ensure teachers can do their job to the best of their ability

It’s clear to see that technology is here to stay and will become an even bigger part of our lives in the future. That’s not to say technology will take over from traditional teaching, but when embraced correctly technology can complement current methods and provide an improvement in the educational experience. If you want to take the first steps into provider a happier, more effective education be sure to keep an open mind & embrace the power that technology could have on your institution. 

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