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Interview with Séamus Ó Tuama at the GLLS 2022 about Lifelong Learning and Capital

Séamus Ó Tuama

Gavin O’Meara, CEO of FE News and FE Careers, chats with Séamus Ó Tuama, Director, Adult Continuing Education & Chair, ASEM Lifelong Learning Hub, about Lifelong Learning at the inaugural Global Lifelong Learning Summit (GLLS) 2022 about Lifelong learning capital.

Gavin and Séamus chat about the topic of capital and lifelong learning, identity and the learner’s journey.

There are so many different types of capital involved. Séamus touches upon seed capital to get the learner’s journey started, social capital, identity capital, culture capital and human capital.

Séamus also answers one big question: How can we create currency and value in lifelong learning?

Short interview with Séamus Ó Tuama

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