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Jisc announces affiliation with Black Further Education Leadership Group

Robin Ghurbhurun, managing director of further education and skills, Jisc, and founding member of BFELG

@Jisc today (Friday 15 October) becomes proud affiliate of the Black Further Education Leadership Group (@FeLeadership), aligning with their mission to eradicate systemic racism in further education.

BFELG work with key stakeholders to place anti-racism at the heart of further education (FE), with the long-term mission of eradicating all forms of racism, creating an anti-racist culture at the core of further education for both employees and students.

Collaborating with individuals and organisations that share their passion for achieving sector-wide change, BFELG will be working with Jisc to implement aspects of the BFELG 10 point plan.

Robin Ghurbhurun, managing director of further education and skills, Jisc, and founding member of BFELG says:

“I am delighted to share that Jisc is a corporate affiliated member of the BFELG. This is instrumental to our organisational journey as we embark upon a change and investment programme on anti-racism, focussed on the themes of culture, content, climate, and communication. The programme will encompass all business aspects, from policy and recruitment to stakeholder engagement and the provision of services.

“First and foremost, at Jisc we place emphasis on a commitment to belonging. We are dedicated to being an employer of choice for our black community through access to opportunity and supporting progress at work. Our ambition is to be a leading employer in this area, and openness, transparency, and readiness to learn and grow will be key to our progression.”

Stella Ngozi Mbubaegbu CBE, BFELG Executive Team Member says:

“We’re thrilled that Jisc have committed to implementing our 10 point plan, and we look forward to supporting them on their journey. Thanks to the success of the plan in further education, we have started customising it for higher education (HE), academies and schools. It’s been a busy year for BFELG, and we will continue to work to realise our ambitious vision for the future –  an anti-racist society that makes the most of an ethnically diverse Britain.” 

BFELG 10 point plan Jisc


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