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London Academy of Trading launches first Postgraduate Certificate in Financial Investments and Trading

London Academy of Trading (LAT) has announced the launch of its Postgraduate Certificate in Financial Investments and Trading, its first course designed exclusively for postgraduate students.

With content and modules tailored to university degree holders seeking to further expand their knowledge, the LAT certificate will equip them with the additional skills and knowledge to understand and operate in trading and finance. The programme will examine theoretical concepts and practical methods employed to trade and manage different financial instruments, learning how technical analysis can be used to help forecast market prices.

Paddy Osborn, Academic Dean at London Academy of Trading, said: “The ability to understand the correlation between business and financial markets is becoming a highly sought after skill. Companies and organisations from different industries increasingly value employees who can effectively apply this knowledge.

“This programme will give students a deep understanding of the structure of global financial markets and how to trade different markets. This combination will add to their professional profiles, enhancing their career opportunities in a wide range of industries.”

The Postgraduate Certificate in Financial Investments and Trading consists of four modules over 14 weeks with flexible evening classes. Alongside the compulsory Global Financial Markets module, students will be able to choose three additional elective modules – including portfolio management, risk management and psychology of trading – and customise the programme to their needs and interests.

All lessons will be classroom based with the addition of one optional session to use Bloomberg Terminal, a software that provides financial news and tools to allow the user to make evidence-based financial decisions. The content of the modules is designed and taught by LAT tutors, who are experts in trading and market analysis with years of experience. All participants will receive a PG Certificate Qualification awarded by LAT at the completion of the course.

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