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London South East Colleges to give ‘care to the carers’ in support of Project Hope


London South East Colleges’ (@LSEColleges) Hair and Beauty students will be supporting hardworking staff at Lewisham and Greenwich NHS Trust by inviting them for a complimentary pampering session in the colleges’ salons.  

This initiative is in support of the Royal Borough of Greenwich’s ‘Project Hope’ campaign which was launched in conjunction with the NHS Trust to support the wellbeing of staff and patients by harnessing the goodwill of the local communities.    

Business, groups and individuals donated food, refreshments, toiletries and even in some cases accommodation. The project focused on the wellbeing and mental health of NHS employees ensuring they know just how much they are appreciated. 

London South East Colleges’ students will be inviting the NHS staff to pre-register their interest in a selection of treatments at their preferred campus (either Greenwich or Bromley).

Dr Sam Parrett OBE, Chief Executive and Group Principal said:

 “We know that it has been an extremely difficult time for NHS staff who have been under enormous amounts of pressure. We applaud the work the Royal Borough of Greenwich is currently doing to support them and we want to join the Authority in recognition of our NHS heroes by providing some much deserved ‘care for our carers’.     

“Throughout the pandemic we have worked to support our communities in ways beyond just providing education and training. Project Hope is a natural extension of our desire to continue working in partnership and have a positive impact on the lives those who live and work in our local communities. We are delighted and proud to support this fabulous action.”    

Fay Blackwood, Associate Director, Organisational Development, Equalities and Inclusion at Lewisham and Greenwich NHS Trust, says:   

“Staff have been under immense pressure throughout the pandemic and all worked tirelessly.  Right now, it’s vital that we continue to show our appreciation and do all we can to help them look ahead with hope and optimism. Staff will be in real need of pampering in the coming months, so we are most grateful to London South East Colleges for making this fantastic offer.”    

Cllr Danny Thorpe, Leader of Royal Borough of Greenwich add:

 “It’s amazing to see such a variety of services being provided to our local hospital staff through Project Hope. In times when NHS staff are working so hard to take care of our community, this is a great way to give back and ensure they are supported too.”

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