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Making Apprenticeships Work for All

We have published our latest position paper on apprenticeships and the levy! 

In this publication, we argue that we have the right building blocks to make a great apprenticeship system, but further changes and innovations are required. 

The paper focuses on three core areas: perceptions of apprenticeships, increasing employer flexibility and ensuring that quality is embedded throughout the system. 

We hope to use this document as the basis to call for a stronger partnership between colleges, government and industry. 

Ian Pretty100x100Ian Pretty, CEO of the Collab Group, said: 

“Our national apprenticeship system has greatly improved, but it needs to develop further to make apprenticeships work better for employers, learners and providers.

“Apprenticeships will play a crucial role in delivering a credible and respected system of technical education, and Collab Group colleges want to help lead this transformation.”

Read the full document here:


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