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Monkton School provides a level playing field for all of their learning with Acer Chromebooks.

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When the team at Monkton School were seeking a safe, robust and accessible computing device for their students an Acer chromebook was the obvious choice. 

Vice Principal, James Goodman, said

“Chromebooks have been essential for learning and have enabled us to move seamlessly between home learning and face to face lessons.  With Chromeboxes attached to the interactive boards in classrooms students at home are able to see exactly the same as those in the classroom when we have been working in a hybrid environment. The Chromebooks provide a very targeted device without lots of distractions and we are able to manage them in a bespoke way. They have enabled every child to engage with the learning and because chromebooks are learning ready in just seconds, no disruption for the teacher.”

James went on to share

“Using the chromebooks enabled the students to take part in the online lessons. Our staff and students quickly learnt that the importance of using technology went way beyond posting lessons on Google classroom- the most important thing was connecting with the children, being available for drop in support at least daily via Google Meets.”

Having everyone on a level technological playing field made the transition to online learning and then supporting that online learning remotely much easier than it would have been otherwise. All the collaborative features meant that lessons could be far more than just “chalk and talk”. The way that everything integrated with each other meant that blended learning, online learning, remote learning and every other format of learning that happened this year was not only possible but very manageable and helpful to the students’ education.

As cybersecurity is on everyone’s minds, James said

“Security is incredibly important within education, we particularly liked that the data encryption within a chromebook ensures it is a secure safe device for our learners and educators.”

The Chrome OS cloud based operating system makes the device far more lightweight and requires far less processing power than alternatives. With the average start up time of less than 8 seconds, users can get straight onto the internet to be as productive as they need to be at a very low price and at a much quicker timeframe.  This also makes a chromebook more portable, lightweight and seamless to use on the move.

Chromebooks are also more power efficient than traditional laptops helping to reduce carbon footprints.

C-Learning Executive Chairman Jamie Smith added

“Chromebooks are the device of choice for anyone seeking safe, robust and untethered solutions that support progressive teaching and learning. They also happen to have unrivalled credentials when it comes to the total cost of ownership. Budgets are always a factor and chromebooks never slow down and last several years longer than comparable devices, creating unparalleled value. It’s great to see the impact that everyone at Monkton School has achieved”.

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