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Multi-Disciplinary Engineering Firm adi Group Leads by Example with Impactful CSR Strategy

CSR reflects businesses’ commitment to supporting causes of importance, showing the role they play in improving the wellbeing of communities, addressing societal issues and overall building a better future.

There is no one way to implement a CSR strategy, but there are businesses that make it their mission to actively engage with societal issues and challenge the status quo, making meaningful contributions to generate change.

Multidisciplinary engineering firm adi Group is one of those businesses leading the way in CSR, having built an incredible responsible business strategy that is making a positive impact on the industry, the local community and beyond.

Having pioneered innovative pre-apprenticeship and apprenticeship schemes that provide effective ways of accessing the engineering sector that differ from traditional academic routes, the business shows a significant commitment to closing the STEM gap.

James Sopwith, group strategic account director, comments on the success of the schemes in empowering young individuals:

“We have seen first-hand the difference our programmes have made for youngsters who want to pursue a career in engineering,” he said.

“Many are simply not offered the right opportunities, or live in environments where they are surrounded by outdated, incorrect ideas about engineering as a profession. And we are proud to say we are playing an active role in creating change within the industry.”

Via a commitment to the 5% Club, 5% of the business’ employees are apprentices, a goal that adi exceeded in 2022.

“We actively invest in the future of engineering by nurturing young individuals with a passion for the profession,” added James.

“Our programmes use a hands-on approach in a real-life work environment to maximise their effectiveness, and provide a formal EAL accredited qualification upon completion.

“The large number of individuals who have progressed from our pre-apprenticeship scheme to our apprenticeship scheme, to then become successful fully qualified engineers, just goes to show that this approach is a highly viable and rewarding one.”

The significant self-funded investment these programmes required is part of the firm’s desire to support the development of the engineering industry as a whole, but also to inspire others in the field to adopt similar approaches.

The firm’s commitment to social responsibility doesn’t stop there, with the business regularly taking part in and organising a range of fundraising events and activities to support causes of importance.  

With a long-standing relationship with Birmingham’s Children’s Hospital Charity, now its chosen charity of the year, the business has offered its support with volunteer days, through organising fundraising events, as well as with donations to help the hospital continue to provide high-quality treatments to its young patients.

Suzanne Burton, business systems director, commented on the business’ responsible business strategy, highlighting the extent of the business’ commitment:

“Our Responsible Business Committee was established to ensure that we take a comprehensive approach within such a vital area of business,” she said.

“We focus on the likes of diversity and inclusion, health and safety, environmental sustainability and societal issues. Conducting business responsibly extends to all these areas and beyond, and we want to make sure we invest as much time and resources into this as we can.”

The business’ desire to increase accessibility to engineering doesn’t just revolve around empowering young people through apprenticeship and pre-apprenticeship schemes, also including promoting engineering to women and breaking down barriers that may be preventing them from considering a career in the industry.

Through active participation in local and national campaigns such as National Apprentice Week and the Women’s Engineering Society’s (WES) Lottie Tour, the business shares its progressive ideas with others, hoping to inspire others and change harmful misconceptions.

“At adi, we understand that instilling a socially responsible ethos in our employees is vital, which is why our pre-apprenticeship and apprenticeship schemes aim to build well-rounded individuals with an understanding of the value CSR brings,” added Suzanne.

“With dedicated campaigns, we encourage our young apprentices to create their own responsible business ideas for our firm, and we are incredibly proud of some of the ideas these young individuals have come up with. It’s valuable for them, and for the business itself.”

Employing staff of over 20 nationalities, adi aims to reinforce the importance of celebrating diversity, which the business actively promotes in its recruitment processes.

The company was recognised for its CSR practices with the 2021 and 2022 Platinum EcoVadis rating, placing the business in the top 1% of all business assessed globally for its sustainability practices, including its ‘Outstanding’ approach to health and safety.

With such a comprehensive, effective approach to CSR, adi Group is leading the way in investing in the future of engineering, supporting the local community with outstanding contributions and building solid ESG practices and processes internally – a valuable approach that other businesses in the industry can look up to.

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