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Addressing tech skills gap in leadership


Open Institute of Technology (OPIT), the online Institution fully accredited in the EU and beyond that wants to disrupt higher education in the field of technology, is expanding its degrees and ramping up enrollment for Fall 2024.

“In an era marked by an inevitable acceleration towards the most urgent transitions impacting society in the digital age, OPIT’s mission is to focus on quality online education in Technology,” said Professor Francesco Profumo, Rector of OPIT and former Minister of Education, University and Research of Italy. “The starting point is the awareness of the misalignment in the labor market, between what is taught in most universities and what companies are looking for today. That so-called mismatch, accelerated by the advent of AI, is generated by too much theory and too little practical approach. We have identified the skills that will guide this change and translated them into our innovative Degrees.”

With the World Economic Forum estimating that 97 million new AI-related jobs will be created by 2025 the share of jobs requiring AI skills increasing by 58%, and Deloitte finding that 68% of executives report moderate-to-extreme AI skills gaps, OPIT is poised to disrupt the higher education market and address the urgent upskill and re-skill needs of the global labor market. The institution integrates AI into all its programs from different angles.

OPIT offers a global, competency-based, and student-centric approach and with a robust catalog of degrees in AI, Computer Science, Cybersecurity, and Digital Business. This allows students to benefit from a rich and comprehensive online learning experience, preparing them to successfully join or adapt to the rapidly evolving and competitive job market.

Last year, OPIT’s student body represented 38 different nationalities, with the U.S. being the second biggest country. The institution’s student-centric approach is complemented by a robust support system, including dedicated tutors available 7/7, class coordinators, and career services. Professors from around the world bring real-world experience as technology leaders from Fortune 500 companies and esteemed academia.. OPIT’s program offerings align with the ever-evolving demands of high-tech industries, ensuring that students receive both quality education and a direct pathway to career success. By fostering an environment that combines personalized competency development, comprehensive support, and cutting-edge curriculum, OPIT redefines education, setting a new standard for online learning.

Classes are offered to students via a livestream that is recorded and posted to OPIT’s own app, which means that they can learn from anywhere in the world at a pace suited to them. Students pay a fee that starts at €4500 annually and are examined via a continuous assessment model that includes projects, assignments and even simulations. The app also includes a “digital campus.” Through forums, online events and an online messaging service, students are able to engage with their peers at any time.

OPIT leverages insights from leading minds in academia, as well as industry – experts from global organizations such as Microsoft and Amazon teach on courses offered – to deliver students impactful and urgently-needed skills.

“Our teaching model combines quality, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness. We believe that education, even if it takes place remotely, must guarantee closeness on all other aspects, starting from the support for the student throughout the period of study,” said Riccardo Ocleppo, Founder and Director of OPIT. “The quality of the Professors and the innovative format guarantee a tier-1 learning experience within a community of people linked by the common goal of entering the job market with up-to-date, relevant skills.”

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