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National Apprenticeship Provider Skern Training and Skills Receives Good Overall with Outstanding features in First Ever Ofsted Review

National Apprenticeship Provider Skern Training and Skills Receives Good Overall with Outstanding features in First Ever Ofsted Review

Skern Training and Skills (STS), a nationwide apprenticeship and skills delivery centre with teams and employers across the UK, has been awarded an overall ‘Good’ in its first Ofsted rating, with ‘Outstanding’ in two key areas of the inspection. STS, a division of leading outdoor education provider Inspiring Learning, is focused on designing and delivering high-quality apprentices in 5 different sectors and launched its apprenticeship programmes in April 2021. 

In the Ofsted assessment, Quality of Education, Leadership & Management, and Overall Apprenticeship Provision all received good, while Behaviours and Attitudes and Personal Development both received ‘Outstanding’. Positive teaching and learning are core values at STS, with the ‘Outstanding’ rating a testament to the hard work and quality of teaching available at the centre.

This recognition will also reassure current and new apprentices of the quality of teaching and allow those seeking training to connect with the well-supported and structured courses offered at STS.

In its review, Ofsted said:

“Apprentices develop into well-rounded individuals, who collaborate well with staff and their peers and learn to work effectively with diverse groups of people.” Also highlighted was STS commitment to employment at the end of apprenticeship courses: “expert external speakers are invited to talk about their experiences in industry. This enthuses and motivates apprentices to consider studying valuable additional qualifications and/or taking part in extra activities. As a result many apprentices learn new skills and achieve qualifications that increase their knowledge and improve employment options at the end of their apprenticeship”.

Alex Coyle, Director of Skern Training and Skills said,

“The superb outcome from STS’ first full Ofsted inspection reflects the care, passion and integrity delivered daily throughout its provision. STS worked closely as part of the Ofsted inspection team to ensure its’ highly talented learners, employers and staff were appropriately recognised, we wish to offer our thanks to all involved. Our aim at STS continues to strive to deliver excellence, elevate work-based learning choices to become parallel with traditional academia, and offering tailored pathways for all to explore their own personal learning journey”.

Skern Lodge Limited Executive Director Richard Thomas noted the growing recognition of the value of apprenticeships, adding:

“As the world experiences the ‘Great Resignation’, employers are having to work twice as hard to retain staff members. By shaping staff culture and ethos from the outset, apprenticeships can help with the formation of a more engaged team. Through adding outdoor learning to apprenticeship training, a rich mix of outcomes can deliver an energetic, confident and skilled workforce equipped for the future.”

Steve Randles, Head of Education and Quality said

“As the nominee, we welcomed the Ofsted inspection. The STS team is really focused and passionate about driving forward the quality improvement plan to ensure our apprentices receive a quality journey and receive high grades. I am so proud of the STS staff across all the departments and the individual parts they have played during the journey to achieve a Grade 2 provision.”

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