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Navigating Global Opportunity: International Hospitality Careers for UK Students

Jan Schofield

In a world rebounding from unprecedented challenges, the hospitality industry is witnessing a resurgence, beckoning UK talent towards a world of international opportunities. Jan Schofield, Head of Faculty Culture & Visitor Economy at The City of Liverpool College, shares her seasoned insights, not just into the success stories within her college, but into the broader narrative of a revitalised global hospitality arena.

As we emerge from the shadows of the pandemic, the hospitality industry is once again becoming a beacon of opportunity. Beyond the challenges, there’s a dynamic world waiting for those with the right qualifications.

The travel, tourism, and hospitality sector, encompassing everything from airlines to family-run restaurants, has faced setbacks. Yet, the industry is resilient. In Liverpool, the hosting of Eurovision and the City’s continued status as a tourist hotspot have accelerated the demand for skilled professionals. The City of Liverpool College is at the forefront, preparing young achievers to meet these expectations through structured training and industry collaboration.

It’s important to pause for a moment and look at where we as an industry are. Our strengths and opportunities, where we can improve and what our vision of the future should be.

The first thing to note is that most post-pandemic destinations are experiencing a surge in travel, like Liverpool, because they offer diverse and exciting career options for students entering the international hospitality stage.

The beauty of international careers lies in the vast spectrum of opportunities available. Aspiring minds get to immerse themselves in diverse cultures, cuisines, and management practices, broadening their skill set.

The way to stand out in the global market is often by pursuing certifications aligned with industry trends. For example, sustainability and digital technology are particularly pertinent in today’s international hospitality landscape.

Of course, if knowledge seekers want to thrive in international roles, language proficiency and cultural understanding are vital. Our students need to actively engage in language learning and cultural immersion programs to overcome these challenges.

And that’s not always an easy road.

So, rising stars should embrace everything they have. That might be using your cultural background as a unique asset. Without a doubt, diverse perspectives enhance creativity and problem-solving in the dynamic hospitality field. Something to help people progress on their career path.

What is key for everyone, is networking. Platforms such as LinkedIn and active participation in industry events open doors to international opportunities. We have to stay informed, connect with professionals, and explore. Industry networks and support systems play a crucial role in shaping successful international careers.

Success in the international hospitality arena also hinges on adaptability and flexibility. Those who have the most potential are often those who are open to diverse working environments and quick to acclimate to different cultures and expectations.

The long-term benefits of gaining international experience are immense. Exposure to varied work environments enhances skills and broadens perspectives, laying a solid foundation for a successful career.

Navigating challenges and dispelling misconceptions is part of the journey. Resilience and determination are vital in overcoming hurdles and carving a successful path.

And of course, we need to make sure we understand salary expectations, cost of living, and benefits when considering international roles. Why? Because informed decisions are empowering for graduates entering a new global landscape.

Part of that is that it’s paramount to understand legal requirements and visa processes. Collaborate with experienced agencies and conduct detailed research to navigate these aspects seamlessly.

As we step into the renewed landscape of international hospitality careers, I believe that each challenge is an opportunity to learn, grow, and create unforgettable experiences. The global hospitality stage awaits, and with the right education, mindset, and passion, UK talent can make an indelible mark. The resurgence of the industry post-pandemic is not just a recovery; it’s an invitation for you to be part of the future of global hospitality. Cheers to an unforgettable journey!

By Jan Schofield, Head of Faculty Culture & Visitor Economy at The City of Liverpool College

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