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New data to help inform future student choices


Today, Thursday 23 January, we have published new data on graduate outcomes. These new figures, for the first time, allow prospective students to look at the earnings of graduates five years after they finish their studies based on the university they went to and the region they went on to work in.

The data can particularly help disadvantaged students who are more likely to stay in their local region, helping them to see how much a degree could benefit them in their career.

The previous round of graduate outcome data showed that graduates in all regions of the country earn on average around 20% more than their peers in the same region who did not go to university.

Universities Minister Chris Skidmore said:

It’s great to see that all over the country, it pays to have a degree from our world-leading universities, and they are bringing benefits to all of the regions.

This data is a milestone for the thousands of future students, helping them to work out whether university is for them, and where to study and work. I hope this will particularly help students from disadvantaged backgrounds who are often more likely to study in their home region, as the data shows the potential benefits of gaining a degree wherever you are.

Of course earnings potential is just one factor for students, but we believe they should have all the facts to make their decision. It is important for young people to know that they will not only get a rich education at university, but that their degree will be good value for money.

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