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New Talent Fashion, the platform boosting creative’s careers and bringing accessible and exclusive events

New Talent Fashion

New Talent Fashion, the platform boosting creative’s careers and bringing accessible and exclusive events 

New Talent Fashion is a unique platform that aims to empower and highlight new talents by showcasing their work and supporting them to thrive in such a competitive field. It has a portfolio section, where creatives can showcase their work and network with like-minded people, and a blog with top-quality articles, both free of charge for all. 

The affordable membership service offers different tools to enable talents to progress in their careers, such as masterclasses, exclusive events and content, networking opportunities, job boards, freelance guides, and much more. It costs £17.99 per month and £12 per month for students. Besides the membership, there is the opportunity to be featured in The Gallery, an exclusive space where you can advertise your brand and your work for £7.99 per month, ideal for new brands and talents looking to push their content within the industry. 

“Since meeting New Talent Fashion when they presented to our Fashion students for the first time in October 2020, we have continued to develop an exciting professional rapport. The NTF team are so relatable, relevant, and supportive toward our students; their’ point of difference’ is a ‘personal touch’ approach and the feeling that we are all working toward the greater good. Together.” Samantha Hudson-Miles, Fashion Design and Textiles Course Leader at University of Huddersfield 

Since its launch in 2020, New Talent Fashion has grown exponentially, bringing high-quality content, events, and opportunities, building partnerships, and reaching more people: over 13,000 page views in 6 months by more than 2,000 users, not only in the UK but across the globe. 

The company’s core values of diversity, inclusivity, and sustainability are easily identified through our blog posts, events, and partnerships. Our first-ever panel, “Sustainability Meets Fast Fashion,” is taking place on 18th March with industry experts from New LookUniversity of Leeds, and more. Tickets are free for members or can be purchased here.  

Still on this matter, we have recently launched the Sustainable Sundays series on our Instagram account, where we explore the subject in some fun and exciting posts. 

Sustainability meets fast fashion

Some of our partners include big names as Freshers Festival, the UK’s leading student events company, reaching more than 100,000 students; Fashion Mentor, an education start-up that provides Black and Brown millennials with career opportunities and resources in the industry, which has supported over 500 people through its annual conference since 2019; and Future Fashion Factory, a research and development partnership that explores and develops new digital and advanced textile technologies to boost the industry and help its shift to a circular economy. 

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